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As a collector rather than a dealer my interests lie in trying out different instruments, but I get to the point where I cannot justify for instance having four metal clarinets however beautiful or unusual they are. So from time to time I turn over items from the collection.

In recent years the saxophone and woodwind market has been flooded with cheap poor quality instruments from Asia and Eastern Europe many with weak metal that bends, dents or breaks easily and is uneconomic to repair.

Some of the older second hand instruments if in good condition offer better value. The early Artley Gemeinhardt and Emerson flutes can offer good value bearing in mind that they were made by specialist family businesses who only made flutes. Some older wooden clarinets such as the Boosey and Hawkes Edgeware and Regent models and the ebony Buisson were affordable instruments built to a standard rather than down to a price. If they are in good condition they can often be a much better instrument than a new plastic far eastern import.

None for sale at present owing to some happy customers.